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How to leave an add

Contact us for registering an account. You can find registration sheet from HERE. On the front page there is a login form under where you can register account. Fill in the information asked in that form and send it. When we will get this information we will be in contact with you, to ask more information or give you your login information.

After you have got your username and password you can log in. Password is case sensitive and can not be changed by you. If you prefer your own password, please send us your password and we will change it. Keep in mind that password has to be at least 8 characters long and contain numbers, capital and small letters.

After you have logged in you have to first give at least one contact person, if you have more then one contact person please type them in. After that you can leave an add. In case you are not abel to leave an add, you can send all the information with pictures to us and we will leave the add for you.

You can also watch how to leave an add as a video from HERE.